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Each week this summer we will feature our “Fabulous Five on Friday,” highlighting WGF’s Celebrating Women! Having a Global Impact nominees and the wonderful work they are doing. This year, the Women and Girls Foundation is focusing on women from this region, who through their work are sharing their passion for global change with our city and having an impact far beyond Pittsburgh.

We are inspired by their work, and we cannot wait to share their stories with you! Please join us every Friday this summer to read about this group of amazing women who are bringing the world to this region and this region to the world.

The Exciting Eight- August 16th

The Spectacular Seven- August 9th

The Fabulous Five- August 2nd

The Sensational Six- July 26th

The Fabulous Five- July 19th

The Sensational Six- July 12th

The Fabulous Five- July 5th

The Fabulous Five- June 28th

The Fabulous Five- June 21st 

Check back each week for the biographies of all of our nominees!

Full List of Nominees

Mervat Abdelhak  University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Mervat Abdelhak is an internationally renowned leader whose passion inspires young women to pursue careers in Health Information Management and Health Informatics.


Yinka Aganga-Williams Acculturation for Justice Access & Peace Outreach (AJAPO)
Yinka Aganga-Williams, Ph.D. works with refugees from all parts of the globe and African immigrants for their integration within the Pittsburgh community while sustaining pride of their traditional values and cultures.


Robin Alexander United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE)
Robin Alexander is a trailblazer, working to develop international solidarity and relationships between unions that benefit both workers in her union, the UE, and workers around the world.


Laila Al-Soulaiman The Ellis School
Laila Al-Soulaiman is a student activist bringing the conflict in Syria to the local level using art to highlight the urgency of the struggle.


Esther Barazzone Chatham University
Dr. Esther Barazzone engages students in the cultures of other countries and brings them closer to the global community through her leadership and championing of Chatham University’s international initiatives, including the Global Focus Program.


Randie Benedict The Ellis School
Randie Benedict inspires the next generation of female leaders to make a difference in the world and prepares and empowers girls through an excellent education in an all-girls environment.


E. Maxine Bruhns University of Pittsburgh
E. Maxine Bruhns, as the director of the Nationality Rooms, uses her global perspective to ensure authenticity in the 29 Rooms while culturally enriching the University of Pittsburgh community’s and the region’s lives.


Mary Burke Project to End Human Trafficking
Mary Burke, Ph.D. has helped to create a global, volunteer-based coalition to combat human trafficking and provide much-needed services to the victims.


Tacy Byham Development Dimensions International (DDI)
Tacy Byham, Ph.D.’s company’s products create “better leaders for life”.  Over 50% of her business is outside the US where the services are adapted to meet global and cultural needs, and recently SPARK has been established to offer leadership services to nonprofit organizations globally.


Michele Cahill Global Solutions Pittsburgh
Michele Cahill works to educate teachers and students of all ages about inter-governance, global problems, and Pittsburgh’s ever-increasing global character.


Mara Cregan Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School (CAPA)
Mara Cregan is a nationally recognized educator uniting her young artists of the Pittsburgh area with the larger world.


Miriam Cremer Basic Health International
Dr. Miriam Cremer is a global leader in women’s health and sociomedical innovator whose work is revolutionizing cervical cancer prevention in developing countries.


Simin Yazdgerdi Curtis American Middle East Institute
Through the institute she created, Simin Curtis brings together leaders in business, education and culture in Pittsburgh and the Middle East, and believes that these kinds of connections and community events are the best way to promote understanding and build friendships and partnerships between America and the MENA countries (Middle East & North Africa).


Niecy Dennis Workforce Development Global Alliance
Elizabeth Niecy Dennis empowers disadvantaged youth in Kenya and the United States to participate in a training series leading towards economic self-sufficiency through peace and employability.


Kathleen Musante DeWalt University of Pittsburgh
Kathleen Musante DeWalt uses her unique experience from leading a small business run by women from low-income villages in Ecuador to promote Latin America within the University community.


Anne Nemer Dhanda PPG Industries, Inc 
Anne Nemer Dhanda is responsible for the global leadership programs across the world and has created the global program for emerging talent–exposing high potentials to other cultures in order to develop future managers with a global perspective.


M. Bernardine Dias TechBridgeWorld
M. Bernardine Dias, through her research group TechBridgeWorld, builds  partnerships with underserved communities internationally to create  culturally appropriate technology that adheres to each community’s  vision of progress, and to inspire and train future researchers and  technologists


Adriana Dobrzycka Vibrant Pittsburgh
Adriana Dobrzycka mobilizes and grows the visibility of Pittsburgh’s diverse communities and works to educate Pittsburgh on the value of immigration and foreign-born talent.


Mari C. Dumbaugh World Health Organization (WHO)
Mari C. Dumbaugh is an Independent Consultant in Global Health, specializing in Maternal, Child, and Newborn Health.  She lives between Pittsburgh and Zurich, Switzerland and most recently joined a research team working with academics from the European Union and the World Health Organization to update health promotion recommendations to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes in low and middle income countries.


Karen Wolk Feinstein The Jewish Healthcare Foundation
Karen Wolk Feinstein uses models of quality improvement from around the world to redefine the nation and region’s understanding of healthcare safety, quality, and efficiency.


Marylouise Fennell Hyatt-Fennell, Higher Education Services
Marylouise Fennell, RSM works nationally and internationally with universities to create their own system of accreditation and builds collaborations to provide international vision and reciprocity in education.


Zipora Gur Classrooms Without Borders
Dr. Zipora “Tsipy” Gur, as Executive Director and Founder of Classrooms Without Borders, has created outstanding professional development programs for hundreds of high-school and university teachers and students, offering international study and travel seminars to  Poland, Germany, and Israel; participants experience Holocaust history “on site”—-countries serving as textbooks—-and are also immersed in the complex relationships that exist among today’s cultures, people, socioeconomic and governmental structures.


Loretta Hanwell introduces medical professionals to global healthcare through enriching interactions with foreign visitors in the medical field.


Melanie Harrington Vibrant Pittsburgh
Melanie Harrington works to attract, retain, welcome and elevate diverse talent from around the globe and the region and strives to make Pittsburgh a more inclusive city.


Stephany L. Hartstirn UPMC Health Plan
Stephany Hartstirn used her time on deployment to Afghanistan to provide humanitarian aid, short-term medical assistance, and to teach English to women and children
affected by the war.


Sharyn Henry Rodef Shalom
Sharyn Henry shares the skill of knitting as a form of relaxation, comfort and recovery, an opportunity for social interaction, and as a potential source of income to women affected by the earthquake in Haiti.


Dr. Sharon Hillier is an internationally recognized microbiologist working towards the development of products which can empower women around the world to protect themselves from STIs, including HIV.
Kathleen Hower Global Links
Kathleen Hower co-founded and leads Global Links, a medical relief and development organization that recovers and distributes surplus from Pittsburgh-area hospitals, diverting it from landfills to resource-poor communities around the world.


Nancy A. Hubley Education Law Center
Nancy A. Hubley works to ensure that all Pennsylvania’s children have access to a quality public education.  She has worked locally and successfully to protect the educational rights of Somali Bantu students and other immigrants and refugees and to integrate them into our school system.


Katie Jones Silk Screen: Asian Arts Organization & Film Festival
Katie Jones is celebrating the diversity of women as creators and crafts(wo)men during the Film Festival and year-round Asian-culture events.


Jenna R. Knapp Thread, LLC
Jenna Knapp turns trash in some of the poorest countries in the world into dignified, sustainable jobs and stuff people love through economic development, job training, and responsible supply chain management.


Tavia La Follette produces exhibitions and performances that bring artists from all over the world to work with our community to build a language of peace through art.


B.J. Leber Allegheny Health Network
B.J. Leber uses her various positions of leadership to represent our region globally, from providing medical supplies and services, to inviting international leaders and visitors to our region.


Amiena Mahsoob World Affairs Council
Amiena Mahsoob engages teachers and students through discussions with peers around the world to connect them to a wide range of global issues.


Serena Mani The Ellis School
Serena Mani, as the Outreach Leader on the Girls of Steel robotics team, worked to inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM fields through interactive projects, both locally and across Africa.


Karin Mayr Sabika, Inc.
Karin Mayr is helping women in the US and in Europe provide for their families by the creation and home party selling of jewelry.
Janet L. McCall Society for Contemporary Craft
Janet McCall celebrates and champions diverse, non-mainstream artists from many cultures and shares their work and views with the Pittsburgh community.


Ali McMutrie Haitian Families First
Ali McMutrie provides emotional care and counseling to stabilize the lives of families in crisis in Haiti to enable them to keep their children out of orphanages.


Cindy McNulty Oakland Catholic High School
Cindy McNulty drives young women to find their role on the global stage through a curriculum that incorporates a mission for global citizenship in many areas of study.


Angela Miller McGraw University of Pittsburgh
Angela Miller McGraw, as the manager of the Hesselbein Global Academy for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement, organizes a summit for students from around the world to develop ethical leaders who affect global and local change.


Zineb Outnouna Atlas Dreams Languages, LLC
Zineb Outnouna helps our region gain meaningful language skills in order to better compete in the global market.


Suzi Pegg Allegheny Conference on Community Development
Suzi Pegg markets Pittsburgh’s superior location for business investment to foreign companies to bring economic growth to our city.


Annie Prucey World Affairs Council
Annie Prucey promotes informed and independent thinking about global issues to students and educators throughout Western Pennsylvania.


Sandra Reiman Sandra Cadavid, LLC
Sandra Reiman provides Colombian leather artisans with the opportunity for economic self-sufficiency through the sale of handcrafted, high quality luxury handbags in our region and beyond.
Prabha Sankaranarayan Mediators Beyond Borders International
Prabha Sankaranarayan supports interfaith dialogues, women impacted by war and former warriors, through peace-building training and facilitating open dialogues.


Mila Sanina Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Mila Sanina manages online operations of the Post-Gazette including coverage of the events that focus on Pittsburgh and its international connections to engage the community in relevant, interesting discussions.


Alberta Sbragia University of Pittsburgh
Alberta Sbragia bridges the gap between Pittsburgh and the European Union by piquing students’ interest in the EU in one of the most successful centers in its field.


Gail Shrott GlobalPittsburgh
Gail Shrott connects emerging international leaders to the Pittsburgh region’s expertise and to its people through the design of itineraries.


Kathy Keim Surma The Nyadire Connection and Girl Child Network
Kathy Keim Surma helps girls in Zimbabwe to stay in school and empower themselves through small businesses by organizing the distribution of sustainable, reusable sanitary napkins.


Kristen Tsapis Somali Bantu Community Association
Kristen Tsapis empowers gender equality by connecting Somali Bantu refugee women, girls and families in Pittsburgh with community resources to support their empowerment, self-advocacy, education and assimilation while bridging cultural differences.


Jane Werner Children’s Museum
Jane Werner created a community of inclusion and collaboration on Pittsburgh’s north side, while introducing our city at a young age to the rich cultures of other nations.


Theresa Whiteside Nimick University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)
Dr. Theresa Whiteside Nimick has impacted nearly every type of cancer research, and has helped change the way that cancer is studied and treated across the world.

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