Jill Ford: Public Liaison

Jill Lena Ford is our Public Liaison, and since 2016 she has helped to connect and coordinate the work of WGF with the Pittsburgh community.

She also manages office operations and supports her fellow WGF staff as they continue their important work in creating a space of equality for women and girls to work, live and thrive in.

Jill is a Pittsburgh native and also a world traveling artist. She has worked in the art, education and non-profit sectors locally, nationally and abroad as an artist, teacher and program developer. She has taught art and English to students in the U.S., India, Indonesia, Laos, Morocco, Nepal and Thailand and has facilitated community art projects globally to celebrate unity and diversity.

Her exploration of diverse cultures across the world has deepened her passion to promote unity and equality for all. She continues this mission through her work at the Women and Girls Foundation as well as through her fine art business.

When not at WGF she usually can be found in her painting studio or out playing in nature. If you can’t find her there, she is probably out trekking the globe in search of new inspiration.

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