What We Do

The Women and Girls Foundation promotes social change by addressing fundamental social inequalities and raising the awareness of these inequities to the media, voters, legislators and corporate and non-profit decision-makers. By serving as an independent and clear voice, the foundation strives to bring together women and men in our region to work together to find solutions to create sustained equity for all of its citizens. WGF empowers our donors to invest their dollars strategically and collaboratively to support women and girls’ efforts. We then gather those donations and make strategic investments, through grant awards, made to regional non-profits to support systemic change initiatives, at the state and local levels, focused at developing more equitable public and corporate policies to ensure women and girls in our region can realize their full potential.

At WGF we have come to learn that if we can include more women in the process of writing the laws and policies that govern our communities, if we can use a gender lens when making public policy decisions, and if we can fix inequities at the systemic level alleviating root causes, then we can tackle obstacles and knock them down – not just for individual girls – but for every girl growing up in our region for generations to come. This young foundation is about investing and creating lasting change. That is what is so very exciting. We do this through raising funds year-round from women and supportive men who want to make our region a better place for women and girls to live, work, and thrive. We do this through training women and girls to become leaders and agents for positive change in their communities. We do this by investing our dollars, through grants, in state and regional equal rights initiatives, and we do this by being a strong voice in our community for equality and justice for all. We do this by honoring the women whose shoulders we stand upon and by preparing the next generation to become the leaders of this movement in the future.

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