Kelsey McNaul is a quirky, queer, and passionate activist, dog mom, and member of their community. From childhood to today, they have always been a lover of dancing, building community, being active, and exploring the world around them. They grew up in Lancaster, PA, and later attended Washington College in Chestertown, MD, where they graduated in 2019. They earned degrees in Environmental Studies and Sociology, majors that fueled their passion for environmentalism and social justice. Attending college in the Chesapeake region, they also nourished their love for community and sense of place, earning a minor in Chesapeake regional studies. This passion and love for people and place continue to fuel Kelsey’s spirit. Upon moving to Pittsburgh, they spent a few years as a community organizer at environmental non-profits, where they advocated for healthy communities over corporate greed. Kelsey has a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of ourselves, social systems, and the natural world. They actively seek to support movements for radical social change that are led by those most impacted and that prioritize care for the earth and liberation for all people.