Len Caric is the President & CEO of Uncle Charley’s Sausage Company.  A regional company located in Vandergrift, PA, whose products are sold at Shop ‘N Save, Wal-Mart, Aldi and Giant Eagle. Len was previously the CEO of Pennsylvania Brewing Company and President of McKnight Cylinder. He purchased the company in 1998 and within 15 months, grew revenues by 100 percent over the previous owner’s sales. He sold the business to AmeriGas and led its transition with the new owner. Len then worked at AmeriGas as its director of acquisitions in Valley Forge, PA where he managed the merger and integration of 16 entities into AmeriGas operations.  Previous to Uncle Charley’s Len worked with Longboat Enterprises’ International Division from 2012 to 2014. He oversaw all of the division’s operations including New Sight Tool & Mold and played a strategic role with Fleming Steel. In addition to his work leading his businesses, Len is an Adjunct Instructor at the Heinz School of Carnegie Mellon University and an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Len has been a volunteer at the Blackburn Center in Greensburg, PA since 1998.  The Blackburn Center provides care and shelter to domestic violence victims and is a leader in domestic violence prevention. Len served two three-year terms on the Board of the Blackburn Center Against Domestic and Sexual Violence including two years as the first male President of the Board.  Len co-chaired the Social Transformation Committee for 8 years and is currently a member of the Committee.  Len rejoined the Board as Treasurer in 2015 starting his third Board term. While at Blackburn he also founded and led an initiative to engage more men in this work. Len has also produced three documentary films under his production company AmericanArk Films.  His most recent film “Henry Hornbostel: In Architecture and Legacy” was selected for the 2014 Napa Valley Film Festival.