Olivia Benson is our Community Engagement Director. In this role, she works to oversee WGF’s communications, membership program, volunteer projects, and all other external community engagement activities.

Olivia has worked in both private and public sectors. Previously, Olivia worked as Deputy Press Secretary for US Congress, a communications specialist in the Allegheny County Executive Office, and led communications operations on a number of political campaigns. Olivia has also served as the Director of Youth Policy for the City of Pittsburgh, leading the city’s education, employment, and civic engagement programs for thousands of students and young adults.

Olivia is the founder of a boutique public affairs and community engagement consulting firm. She also serves on the boards of various youth-focused non-profits in the Pittsburgh area.

Olivia has a BS in Public Policy & Management from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from Point Park University, and an MS in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.