Feminist Update: June 30, 2015

Feminist Update
Your weekly update on all things feminism. Keep up to date on the election, the news, and what is going on in the world of women.
WGF Updates:
Dignity & Respect Campaign Going Nationwide: WGF Board Chair Candi Castelberry Singleton going has announced that she will be taking her Dignity & Respect Campaign nationwide. The Dignity & Respect Campaign focuses on treating people with respect in regards to their differences, making the world a better place. It started out as an internal initiative at UPMC but has since grown to become a national campaign. Congratulations and good luck Candi!
In the News:
Meryl Streep Goes to Congress: You may know her as just an actress, but last week
Meryl Streep wrote 535 letters, one to each congressperson, in support of reviving the Equal Rights Amendment. Interesting fact: about 70% of Americans believe that we already have an Equal Rights Amendment. READ MORE>>
Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in All 50 States: June 26 saw a historical decision at the Supreme Court of the United States. All states must now allow same-sex couples to marry and also must recognize those unions. The decision was 5-4, with the majority opinion written by Justice Anthony Kennedy. The decision’s importance has been compared to that of Roe v. Wade and Brown v. Board of Education. READ MORE>>
Misty Copeland Promoted to  Principal Dancer at ABT: Due to both talent and
public demand, Misty Copeland has been promoted to Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theater in New York City. This promotion makes her the company’s first African-American female principal dancer. Misty Copeland has received a lot of public attention due to her highlighting the racial inequalities in top-tier dance companies, and worried that if she never made it to principal, other racial minority ballerinas would become discouraged. READ MORE>>
Election Updates:
Chris Christie Enters the Race: Just today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his intent to run for the Republican nomination. Christie, though with the Republican party, is known for his ability to be fairly moderate and win over both parties. However, last year,  his credibility was stained with the Washington Bridge scandal. He is the 16th Republican to enter the race. READ MORE>>
Bernie Sanders Proving He is a True Contender: Bernie Sanders is proving to have a lot more power than the press and public originally suspected in the Presidential election of 2016. His main attribute is his ability to connect with voters on the issues that they care about. However, it is still very early, so time will tell if he can keep up his momentum in the polls and with the public. READ MORE>>
Donald Trump Fired from NBC: Republican hopeful Donald Trump was fired from NBC Universal after making offensive comments about Mexican immigrants in the US. In addition, Univision, the company that airs the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants in Spanish, will not continue to do so. READ MORE>>
Featured Feminist:
Mo’ne Davis Drafted to the Harlem Globetrotters: Mo’ne Davis made waves last year in the Little League World Series. Now she’s back, but has traded in her bat and glove for a ball and net. She just was drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters, a touring exhibition basketball team. Mo’ne is quite the success story: since her breakthrough at the World Series, she has received multiple awards, has her own shoe line (whose proceeds benefit underprivileged girls), and an autobiography. READ MORE>>