With Femisphere, WGF is challenging Pittsburgh to become an ecosystem where women and girls thrive. With Femisphere Codeswitch, we’re looking for digital tools to help single moms in poverty access the resources they need to thrive.

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The hackathon will take place over April 5-April 8, with a Community Conversation on March 30 between moms and coders. Childcare and food will be provided for all events!

March 30 2:30-4:30PM: CentHERed, A Community Conversation.
Moms and coders will come together to talk through different issues and potential solutions, and coders will come away with an idea of what they will build during the weekend.

April 5 5:30-8:30PM: Hackathon Kick-Off.
Join us for a short program followed by networking and mingling with our participants and moms.

April 6 & 7 9AM-9PM: Hackathon Work Days.
Teams of coders and developers will work to create prototypes of applications and tools that will help moms access the resources they need, with moms there to act as consultants and liaisons to the teams.

April 8 6-8PM: CentHERed, A Panel Discussion & Awards Ceremony.
Join us for a panel discussion of moms and coders talking about how technology can be used to help single moms experiencing poverty thrive. During the panel discussion, we will also be announcing the winners of the hackathon.


The Problem:
77% of households in poverty in Pittsburgh are headed by single moms. This is an unacceptable number. Most families have an average of eight basic needs to be met, and no one organization can meet them all. These moms are disconnected from the resources they and their families need, due to lack of access and knowledge of existing resources. This leaves every mom to navigate the complicated system by herself, while juggling jobs, school, and her kids.

But – imagine a world in which that was different. Imagine a world where women and girls in the region were truly put in the center of development and have everything they need to survive. The world you’re imagining is a Femisphere. Femisphere, a program of the Women and Girls Foundation, was launched in 2014 with the goal of creating an ecosystem where women can access all the resources and services they and their families need to live, thrive, and lift themselves out of poverty. It is focused on connecting moms to vital services through enhanced service delivery, policy change, and development of user centered designs to break down systemic barriers to economic opportunities.

The Solution:
What we are searching for with Femisphere Codeswitch is technology solutions to this problem – apps that would provide information about services so what little time and resources moms have can be spent on creating a real pathway out of poverty. Femisphere Codeswitch is a hackathon that will take place April 5, 2019-April 8, 2019.

Teams of developers and coders will work with moms throughout the weekend to create and scale apps, websites, and more, and then present them at the end of the weekend for a chance to compete for one of three top prizes. After the hackathon, the winning apps will continue to be built out for WGF to be implemented and distributed throughout the region for real single moms to use.

Poverty among single moms is not localized to Pittsburgh. This is a concern across the country. Our goal is to position Pittsburgh as an innovator in exploring systemic strategies to decreasing poverty rates for women and families.

If you’re interested in participating, or your company is interested in sponsorship, please contact Satvika Neti: satvika@wgfpa.org.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Thank you to our sponsors: The Hillman Foundation, Uber, mongoDB, Work Hard Pittsburgh, The David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership at Pitt Business, The Rock Family Foundation, Quandarymat, Polyconcept North America, Schell Games, Mom & Data, Carnegie Mellon University, Ascender, NOVA Place, and our Childcare Sponsor, Flexable!