With Femisphere, WGF is challenging Pittsburgh to become an ecosystem where women and girls thrive.

Imagine a world where women are put at the center of development. Where every workforce initiative has a child care center and every school has an engineering program for girls. Where a single parent never has to decide between leaving her sick child home alone or losing her job. Where all women have access to comprehensive healthcare and reproductive services and transportation is no longer an obstacle to economic self-sufficiency. Where paid maternity leave is a reality and fiscal cliffs are not. If you could imagine a world where women, families, and communities thrive, what you would be envisioning is a Femisphere.

Did you know that single mothers and their children make up 77% of households living in poverty in Pittsburgh? WGF is working with community services, advocates, and local leaders to ensure women can access all the resources and services they and their families need to thrive.