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WGF in the News

1/22/21 ‘It’s about radical love’: Pittsburgh rally draws hundreds in South Side amid Joe Biden victory

1/19/21 Pittsburgh Women And Girls Foundation To Celebrate Kamala Harris Becoming VP

12/29/20 Single Mom Defined is the support group that local moms need

12/21/20 A group of single Black moms give each other a break when they need it most

12/14/20 Dinner Distribution Service Gives Single Moms A Night Off

12/13/20 Mom’s Night Off: A dinner distribution for single mothers

12/13/20 Mom’s Night Off: A dinner distribution for single mothers

12/13/20 Mom’s Night Off: A dinner distribution for single mothers

12/12/20 Mom’s Night Off provided meals for single mothers and their families.

10/19/20 Women & Business: Heather Starr Fiedler, Ph.D.

1/9/20 Heinz Endowments commits $10 million to support young children, families

6/3/19 GirlGov pitches political engagement for local high school girls

4/18/18 Women urge Senate to pass gender diversity resolution 

3/27/18 Women go to Harrisburg to urge lawmakers to push for more female board directors

(3/23/18)Who Are The Winners And Losers In The Future Of Pittsburgh’s Transit Systems?

(3/16/18)Meet the task force looking to replace the Stephen Foster statue with a tribute to an African-American woman

(3/16/18)City Seeks Nominees to Replace Stephen Foster Statue

(3/15/18)Inside Abercrombie’s Plot To Win Over Gen Z, Where Everyone’s A Cool Kid

(3/9/18)Women and Girls Foundation CEO on International Women’s Day 2018

(2/8/18)As unpaid leave law turns 25, advocates see opportunity for paycheck (2/8/18)

(1/30/18)Is state-wide paid family leave ahead for Pennsylvania? New study looks hopeful

(1/29/18)Will new report jumpstart bid for paid family and medical leave law in Pennsylvania?

(7/5/16)The Pittsburgh Edition of the Tribune-Review highlights three members of WGF’s GirlGov program and their recent trip to Harrisburg. 

(6/5/16)The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that women hold nearly 17 percent of the board seats at publicly traded companies in the region

(5/1/16)Pittsburgh Magazine highlights WGF’s Crossroads Conference in March. 

(4/23/16)First Person: Being a Black Woman in Pittsburgh  – Young, a Coro Fellow who organized the Equal Pay Day Rally for the Women and Girls Foundation, writes about being a Black woman in Pittsburgh.