At some point in their lives, everyone is going to need to care for themselves or for their loved ones — it’s the right thing to do.

While identifying an advocacy focus for our strategic plan through 2020, we were looking for something that we felt was achievable, had momentum and proven success, and most importantly – would impact the most amount of people in our state.

Paid leave is hugely important to us, not only because of how it will impact the lives of every Pennsylvanian, but because it is one of the many steps toward achieving equal pay for equal work for women everywhere. When we win this, we become that much closer to equality for all.
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We identified the advocacy issues that others in Pittsburgh were spearheading to see where the gaps were. While we want to be supportive in those efforts, we also don’t want to take up space where we could be focusing on something else. We realized that while others in Pittsburgh are focused on paid sick leave, there was no one organizing around paid family and medical leave at the state level. (What’s the difference? Find out here.)