• Amirah Hunt GirlGov Program Manager

    Contact Amirah for information about our GirlGov Program

  • Heather Arnet Chief Executive Officer

    Contact Heather for media inquiries, to make a donation, for information regarding public policy, or getting involved with WGF’s many activities.

  • Maryem Aslem PULSE Fellow

    Contact Maryem for information about our GirlGov Program.

  • Miciah Foster Communications Associate

    Contact Miciah during the summer for information about our book club.

  • Olivia Benson Community Engagement Director

    Contact Olivia for anything related to membership, community engagement, social media, communications, volunteering with WGF, and our newsletter.

  • Rochelle Jackson Femisphere Project Director

    Contact Rochelle for anything related to Femisphere.

  • Satvika Neti Digital Social Justice Advocate

    Contact Satvika for information about our social media and digital justice efforts and platforms.

  • Tara Simmons Chief Operating Officer

    Contact Tara for anything related to our Crossroads Conference, WGF business and operations, applying for a grant, or to schedule a screening of our film Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.?