In the past, GirlGovers have:

  • Organized the successful, international-headline-grabbing “Girlcott”of sexist Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirts – and that was just in the first year!
  • Advocated for Sarah’s Bill(written by a GirlGov participant) to institute a Restraining Order law in PA – one of only 12 states that does not offer such protection)
  • Held bake sales to illustrate the wage gapon National Equal Pay Day; men were charged $1 per item while women were charged only 75¢
  • Organized Pittsburgh’s first International Day of the Girl Celebrationin 2013
  • Attended an invitation-only mentoring luncheon at the White House
  • Introduced amazing women (and men) to the community at WGF’s annual awards gala
  • Advocated for reduced school bus emissionsto school boards
  • Petitioned schools to include LGBTQ issuesin teacher diversity training
  • Raised local awareness of the conflict in Syria
  • Petitioned Pittsburgh City Council to approve the Paid Sick Day ordinance
  • Started a comprehensive sex educationcampaign in their school districts
  • Organized rallies and walkouts for the March for our Livesin both DC and Pittsburgh
  • Spoken at a rally for police accountability on the steps of the State Capital

Using their GirlGov training, and combining it with their passions and values for social justice, our girls work to make the world a better place – and more often than not, win. We couldn’t be more proud of all that they have accomplished!

In the words of GirlGovers: 


Last year’s GirlGov experience was unique, amazing and a complete eye-opener. I really enjoyed working on a campaign that was close to my heart, as well as being around motivated thinkers from across Pennsylvania to unite and collaborate on this campaign. I was in the Freedom from Violence group, where we aimed to change the current hate crime laws in Pennsylvania to help support and protect the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, I also loved the group discussions which opened up new ideas on different political wavelengths, whether we were debating current candidates, cultural norms, or even Beyonce’s music. My favorite part of my GirlGov experience was being able to shadow Representative Chris Rabb on our retreat to Harrisburg. To physically see the action and work behind different legislators, made the experience all the more personable and eye-opening (definitely worth making up the calculus homework later)! Overall, I loved my GirlGov experience – and I love the person it’s helped me become.

-Antara, Upper St. Clair High School


One of the most valuable parts of my experience was working with and learning from the other girls. Through group discussions and committee meetings, I have been exposed to new perspectives and ways of thinking that have shaped my own values and opinions. I have participated in marches from a young age, but GirlGov has taught me to fuel this passion into creating real legislative change. I’ve learned how difficult it is to change policy, but that is nevertheless important to engage in efforts to try. I’ve learned a great deal about state government and how it operates. I’ve learned that policy makers are people and that connecting with them is an important part of helping them do their jobs, which is serving the public’s best interest.

-Maya, Taylor Allderdice High School


GirlGov makes me want to shout Xena warrior cries off of buildings and read Bell Hooks to all my male friends!

-India, Indiana Senior High School