2010 News Recap

Inmate’s death the focus of Downtown protest

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Some 20 people from a coalition of organizations staged a Downtown protest today,
demanding changes to policies related to incarcerated women and saying a recent lawsuit
stemming from the death of Amy Lynn Gillespie revealed the need for reform."

GOP blocks pay equity measure in Senate
Thursday, November 18, 2010
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / The Associated Press
"…Pennsylvania, which has one of the worst gender gaps in the nation, would have been significantly impacted by the bill, said Heather Arnet, CEO of The Women and Girls Foundation, a Pittsburgh-based group which seeks to promote equality for women throughout the region."

Foundation honors several local women as innovators in their field
Sunday, November 07, 2010
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
…columnist Sally Kalson was among 15 “Women in Media” honored Saturday by the Women and Girls Foundation during its Gala Celebration at the August Wilson Center for African-American Culture, Downtown…

Her film illustrates the power of women trying to end civil war
Saturday November 6, 2010
Marylynne Pitz, Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Pittsburgh,PA,USA
…When Abigail Disney visited the … at a benefit for the Women and Girls Foundation, has a star-studded lineage…

"Athena award winner pushes for gender equity"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Bernadette Eyler Smith, a senior vice president and senior portfolio manager at Fifth
Third Bank, who won the annual Greater Pittsburgh Athena Award Monday, spends time
on and off the job working for gender equity because she believes that women are the
largest group in the world that faces discrimination."

"Bernadette Smith named 2010 Athena Award recipient"
Pittsburgh Urban Media
"Among five other inspirational finalists, Smith was chosen for best embodying the
ATHENA Award criteria: demonstrating excellence and creativity in her profession,
serving the community and assisting other women in reaching their full leadership
potential. The award – named after the Greek goddess of strength and wisdom – is
unique among other regional honors for women in business because of its focus on
developing the next generation of women leaders through mentorship."

"Bank executive wins Athena Award"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Bernadette Eyler Smith, a senior vice president and senior portfolio manager at Fifth
Third Bank, won the annual Athena Award today."

"Closing the pay gap in Pennsylvania"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Women in Pennsylvania make nearly 21 cents on the dollar less than men in the state.
It’s a gap that is slightly greater than the U.S. as a whole, in which women earn 80.2
cents for every dollar men make, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S.
Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics."

"Teens head to White House for barbeque, talks on mentoring"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Heather Arnet, the chief executive officer of the group, said she got the call from the
White House on June 4 and was given just five hours to come up with a list of eight

"Eight Western Pennsylvania girls invited to White House"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Eight local girls from the Women and Girls Foundation will meet with President Obama
at the White House shortly after he delivers a major address on fatherhood Monday, the
day after Father’s Day."

"Students advocate for cleaner bus emissions"

"Words and Worth"
Pittsburgh City Paper
"Vanessa German is an artist; one who traverses the world of words both written and
spoken, painting, theatre, and sculpture – she is "all things art". And in the spirit of
true art, she works to share that wonderful form of expression to others, in all walks of
life. "Words And Worth" details the exploits and works of Vanessa German and how she
spreads the message of self-worth and love throughout the community."

"Single moms in Pennsylvania hit hard by recession"
The Patriot-News
"Single mothers are more likely than anyone else to be unemployed and uninsured. Their
families usually live at or below poverty levels. They suffer debilitating stress levels
as they cope with daily life, inflexible day care providers and often more inflexible

"Teen Outreach to host Awards Night"

"On Further Review"
Pittsburgh City Paper
"On April 12, Georgia District Attorney Fred Bright declined to prosecute Roethlisberger
on sexual assault charges stemming from an incident involving a 20-year-old college
student at a Milledgeville, Ga., bar. Still, the 550 pages of documents made public at the
conclusion of the investigation have given Clark reason to worry."

"Big Ben, fallen hero: It’s time to find new ones"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Mr. Roethlisberger was accused of trapping a severely intoxicated 20-year-old woman
in a restroom where, she told investigators, he sexually assaulted her. While the woman
decided not to pursue charges and the district attorney in Georgia declined to prosecute,
the evidence provided by witnesses in the investigative report is deeply disturbing."

"City of Pittsburgh revises domestic abuse policy"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Experts on domestic violence Monday emphasized the need to provide prevention and
intervention services as Pittsburgh city officials backed off a proposal to terminate any
employee convicted of abuse."

"Equal Pay Day rally to be held Tuesday in Pittsburgh"
Pittsburgh Business Times
"As part of Equal Pay Day, a national initiative to highlight pay disparities between men
and women, the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania will hold a
lunchtime rally Tuesday in Mellon Square Park in Downtown Pittsburgh."

"Pennsylvania ranks 23rd for gender gap"
Pittsburgh Business Times
"In Pennsylvania, men make a median $46,455 annually, while women make $35,265.
This is a wage gap of $11,190 which puts Pennsylvania at No. 23 among the 50 states in
terms of the wage gap."

"Ravenstahl’s domestic abuse policy garners support"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Three months after Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl unveiled a domestic abuse
policy to cover all 3,300 city employees, leaders from about a dozen domestic violence
and women’s groups explained to City Council today the importance of approving and
enforcing it."

"Area high schools are struggling with Title IX"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Pittsburgh Public Schools officials are forming an athletic program task force to study
female participation in athletics to help close the gender disparity gap in district sports."

"Athletics in city high schools is a losing proposition"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Commissioned by the district in 2008 after cursory research by the Women’s Law
Project revealed "pervasive and severe" inequities in girls’ athletic opportunities in the
district, the report by consultant Peg Pennepacker, concluded that the district not only
breeds gender disparities among athletes, but it generally has a low emphasis on student

"ML teen Shadows legislator for a day"
The Almanac (South Hills)

"Political arena still understaffed by women"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Fewer than 15 percent of the Commonwealth’s state leaders are female, said Heather
Arnet, executive director of the Women and Girls Foundation, which sponsored a March
8 trip to Harrisburg for 40 teen girls who shadowed a state leader on International
Women’s Day."

"Pittsburgh improves, but still lags on equality issue"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"My Generation: Girls go for government"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"On March 8, to celebrate International Women’s Day, the Women and Girls Foundation
hosted a program called Girl Gov. "We wanted to get women more involved in politics
because we saw some statistics that said that Pennsylvania ranks 45th in percentage
of women legislators. We decided to do something to show girls politics," said Skylar
Jones, one of several Allegheny County teenagers who participated in a one-day trip to

"Study finds median wealth for single black women at $5"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Women of all races bring home less income and own fewer assets, on average, than men
of the same race, but for single black women the disparities are so overwhelmingly great
that even in their prime working years their median wealth amounts to only $5."

"Report examines effect of recession on single mothers"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"The report, released Thursday by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and the
Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania, examines the recession’s effect
on female heads of households. Nationally, 13 percent of single mothers are unemployed,
the report said. In Pennsylvania, that figure rose from 5 percent in 2007 to 11.1 percent in

"Female-headed households here worse off, study finds"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Dire Economics"

"Single mothers hit hard by recession, report shows"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"The report, by the Institute of Women’s Policy Research and the Women and Girls
Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania, examines the recession’s effect on female heads
of households."

"Pittsburgh-area families headed by women hit hard by recession"
Pittsburgh Business Times

"Tough Cell"
Pittsburgh City Paper
"With a rising population of incarcerated women, a number of advocacy groups are
taking action to improve conditions for both those behind bars and their unborn children."

"Girl Power: Young women can focus early on politics"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Click here to see webcast of the press event that took place on February 18, 2010:
WGF and IWPR release new report showing high rates of unemployment and economic uncertainty for women who maintain families in
Pennsylvania: The Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s study findings call for better targeting of job creation programs and poverty relief to families headed by women.

"Officer fired over domestic violence"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"One of the three city of Pittsburgh police officers whose promotions prompted a new
domestic violence ordinance was fired yesterday under its protocols."

"Pittsburgh Mayor Ravenstahl pitches expanded domestic abuse policy"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl unveiled Friday an expanded zero-tolerance
domestic abuse policy to cover all 3,300 city employees."