November 2014 News from WGF

Do you think it is fair that teens at the age of 16 and 17 have taxes taken out of their paychecks but can’t vote? This is a topic that concerned the mind of GirlGover, Raven Roland and many other GirlGover’s during our October meeting since many of them work part-time jobs to help their…

August 2012 News from WGF

This Month, A Letter To Heather from GirlGov participant Mary Hornak; WGF Makes Grant to Engage and Educate Women Voters; Allegheny County equity study finds white, male employees have edge. Read the August issue!

July 2012 News from WGF

Letter from Heather about GirlGov 2012, Nominees for the Celebrating woMen Honorees for the December 1 Gala, and a Grantee Profile of Yinzercation. Read the July Issue!        

June 2012 News from WGF

Farewell letter from intern Channing Martin and news of the day. Features: “High Tea” for Women and Girls Foundation and updates from Harrisburg. Read the entire June 2012 News from WGF

May 2012 News from WGF

Letters from Tara and Heather, and news of the day. Feature: “It’s an exciting time to be a high school girl in Southwest Pennsylvania! WGF’s Third Annual GirlGov program will be held from June 16th through 19th.”    

April 2012 News from WGF

Letter from Heather & Leadership Circle Policy Briefing Featured: Rachel Tabachnick, researcher, writer, national speaker, and Amanda Holt, a piano teacher from Lehigh Valley who thought that there was something unjust with Pennsylvania’s redistricting process and resulting plan.

March 2012 News from WGF

Feature: Woke Up Black, a film by Mary Morten. Read the entire March 2012 News from WGF.  

Rising Tide Newsletter: Sep 2011

Wow what a way to start a week! In a town that celebrates the hat trick – I never would have imagined we would be celebrating our own and yet…

Rising Tide Newsletter: Aug 2011

July makes us feel red, white, and GREEN! And the budget battles make us just see Red! This month’s newsletter has a great deal in it for you to do…

Rising Tide Newsletter: July 2011

Some exciting things are going on here at WGF. First, check out WGF CEO Heather Armet and Chair Emeritus Mildred Morrision’s Op-Ed in Tuesday’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette…