November 2014 News from WGF

Do you think it is fair that teens at the age of 16 and 17 have taxes taken out of their paychecks but can’t vote? This is a topic that concerned the mind of GirlGover, Raven Roland and many other GirlGover’s during our October meeting since many of them work part-time jobs to help their families and save money for college. Like their foremothers, the girls are prepared to demand, “No taxation without representation!” They are currently researching to see if teens have advocated for this in other states and they will be reaching out to their state legislators to ask them questions in the upcoming weeks. We will keep you updated on what the girls find out, but they are off to a great start.

GirlGover Heaven Sensky, a senior at Canon McMillian High School, Canonsburg, PA, has been extremely involved in her community leading and supporting efforts to advance women’s rights and support for public education. Here is a picture of Heaven with newly elected Governor Tom Wolf!
Our film Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.? has had several screenings throughout the last month, most recently in Fayette County, hosted by the local Business and Professional Women (BPW) chapter and the Uniontown High School all-girl group, Making a Change (MAC). Denice Robinson, of BPW was quoted in the Herald-Standard saying, “The Women and Girls Foundation has been very supportive of our advocacy efforts here. It’s nice to know that an organization headquartered in Pittsburgh is willing to dedicate time and energy in Fayette County.” Click here to read more.

And continuing with WGF’s work making impact at the local, regional, state and national levels – we had an article about women in politics, written by our CEO Heather Arnet, published in The Daily Beast which made it to #1 on their “Things to Read” list.
So what’s next at WGF?! Keep your eyes peeled and ears open! Next week we will be announcing big news for our Crossroads Conference. We also have some exciting events coming up this month, go to our website and check it out!
In solidarity,

Blayre Holmes, Program Associate
Women and Girls Foundation