ICYMI: Tattoo Fundraiser

This week we caught up with Sara Rivera to talk last year’s tattoo fundraiser, ways to get involved, and what inspired her to create a benefit fundraiser for WGF.

What inspired you to create this benefit fundraiser?

My colleague, Laura Hammel of Gypsy Tattoo, were discussing current political events. We were discussing our very real worries and hopes for the future as well as our feelings of helplessness. We decided that we would like to take action to aid our local communities, we began planning a tattoo benefit event. In the process Jessi Cramer or Armature Tattoo was able to join us as well. It was right about that time that we were approached by the Women and Girls Foundation to organize an event to raise money in the lovely name of political education, literacy and awareness.

Tell us about yourself. Why do you do what you do?

I tattoo to make a living as an artist. To help people express themselves on their own skin in the way they feel most comfortable. Tattoos, many times, help people to feel more comfortable in their own skin or to relay a message about themselves to others. I love collaborating on coverups and reworks to help people become happy with tattoos that they were once unhappy about in order to improve their self image. It is really gratifying!

What was your favorite part of the benefit fundraiser?

Talking to each individual about their life, their struggle and the ways in which they resist hatred and prejudice in their daily lives. It gives me hope that the future will be different, to hear that so many of us are accepting instead of separating from difference.

What advice would you give to someone who may want to volunteer to support an organization but they’re not sure how to do it or even where to start?

Contact that organization. Let that group know what talents and interests you have. Chances are there is a way that your expertise can benefit an organization in a way unique to the support they already have. We all have something unique and needed to offer in this battle against hatred. I feel that in the resistance of hate, diversity is key.