Intern-views: Ashley Hall

Meet the summer interns at the Women and Girls Foundation! We have some amazing women working here this summer – read on to find out more about our online content intern Ashley Hall.
WGF: How did you get involved with the Women and Girls Foundation?
AH: In 10th grade in high school, I heard about a free trip to Harrisburg and just signed up for GirlGov. I had no idea what to expect! When I got there, I met so many amazing women and girls, and got super inspired to get more involved in politics. I kept involved with GirlGov and WGF, and haven’t looked back. It’s an amazing organization doing amazing things.
WGF: Tell us about your educational/social activism/personal background.
AH: I am currently attending New York University’s Stern School of Business, studying Business & Political Economy with a minor in Social & Cultural Analysis. Last year, I worked in a low-income elementary school in the East Village of Manhattan through the America Reads program. Additionally, I am on the executive board of the club Two Birds One Stone at NYU, which is a group that takes leftover food from the university’s dining halls and delivers it to local shelters.
WGF: What are you working on for WGF?
AH: I do a lot of work on online content. Each week, I write the Feminist Update that is posted on the website, and have also interviewed members of the community doing good work in the name of women. I’m also in charge of these Intern-views.
WGF: What is your favorite part of the job?
AH: I love being a part of an organization that is so visibly making a difference in the community. WGF supports so many diverse and important causes, and it’s so exciting to be able to represent them at rallies and to help them grow as an organization. It’s really an honor to be a part of such a great organization, among some of the most amazing women and girls in all of Pittsburgh!
WGF: What is the most rewarding thing you have worked on in your career so far?
AH: I would have to say the most rewarding thing was last semester, through Two Birds One Stone, we were able to rescue over 900 pounds of food from being wasted and in the process feed hundreds of hungry New Yorkers. We increased that from about 300 the previous semester, which made it super exciting.
WGF: If you could resolve one world issue, what would it be?
AH: I think it would have to be inequality, or if that’s too broad, income inequality. I’ve seen, both in my work in the NYC Public Schools and also with my other jobs, that the disadvantages that people face are so great, that it is amazing that anyone is able to rise above it. It is heartbreaking to hear stories ranging from the broken homes of the 6-year-olds I taught in New York City to a woman I used to work with whose daycare was more expensive than her hourly wage, so she was literally losing money coming to work.
WGF: Do you have any advice for young people who want to make change but don’t know where to start?
AH: Non-profits are always looking for volunteers. If you see a group that is doing something that you’re interested in, chances are they will be able to find some way for you to get involved, whether it is interning, making phone calls, organizing, assisting with events, letter-writing, basically anything.
WGF: What is your favorite food?
You: Tacos, of the vegan variety.