GirlGov Leadership Profile: Meet Abigail

Abigail, a GirlGover who combines art and social impact!

Abigail first heard of the GirlGov program through the gifted program at school, and she has proudly participated in GirlGov for two years. One of her favorite memories includes reading through the messages left by fellow GirlGovers throughout the Harrisburg trip. She was thrilled that girls stepped up at the September Retreat to participate at the Show and Tell. This year, Abigail is co-leading the Education committee.
Abigail serves as a youth member on the board of Outreach Teen and Family Services, which raises awareness about mental health treatment and therapy services to the community. Over the summer, Abigail was one of the artists that designed and painted a mural in the town about mental health. She is also deeply involved with the theatre community, band, and track.
Abigail’s proudest accomplishment has been composing a deeply personal poem and then sharing it in front of her GirlGov cohort at a time of grief and uncertainty. This piece conveyed her thoughts and emotions on the Pulse nightclub shooting. The GirlGovers supported each other as they sorted through reactions during the Harrisburg Retreat. Accordingly, Abigail was encouraged to perform at the Revolutionary Show and Tell. She recalls “Never before have I felt more accepted by a group of people, or have I ever felt more unity in a single room.”
Abigail aims to study creative writing with minors in theatre, gender studies, or Judaic studies. She also aspires to graduate early and enter college next year, rather than following the traditional four-year structure! Abigail’s hobbies include writing, running, editing film, and listening to music! She is passionate about politics, theatre, and human rights. When she has free time, Abigail likes to walk her dogs, read nonfiction books, learn about genetics, and memorize lyrics to favorite musicals.
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