GirlGov Leadership Profile: Meet Gabby

Gabby is a GirlGover who combines dance and advocacy!

Gabby, a senior, has been a GirlGov participant for two years! She initially decided to participate at the encouragement of a fellow classmate, and then decided to apply for the Leadership Council this year. One of Gabby’s favorite memories from last year is when State Representative Vanessa Lowry Brown spoke to the GirlGovers during the Harrisburg trip. During this GirlGov campaign year, Gabby is co-leading the Health and Environment committee.
Similarly, Gabby serves as the co-President of the Gender and Sexuality Student Union (GSSU) at her high school. She facilitates sexual health lessons for pre-teens and volunteers with Planned Parenthood. Gabby is also a Principal Artist with the Student Performance Company. After high school, Gabby wants to attend a college with strong liberal arts and dance programs. Her future aspirations are unclear, but they include combining dance and advocacy in some capacity.
Gabby prides herself on being a reliable source of information for others, and knowing that people trust her to ask the uncomfortable questions is her proudest accomplishment. When Gabby has some free time, she can be found hanging out with her friends, reading, knitting, coloring, or watching TV.
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