WGF's Heather Arnet named as one of 50 Most Powerful People in Pittsburgh

HeatherArnetHeather Arnet, WGF’s current Chief Strategy Officer, was named one of the most powerful people in Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Magazine.
“Few organizations have such a clear and important mission as the Women and Girls Foundation, which is charged with advancing gender equality. Since Arnet took over the foundation in 2004 as its CEO, her leadership has been an inspiration, as she’s promoted gender and minority representation on Pittsburgh boards, led a “girlcott” against Abercrombie & Fitch over sexist and racist T-shirts, served as board chair for the national Ms. Foundation for Women and pushed for equal pay across the country. She also wrote and directed the 2014 documentary “Madame Presidentá: Why Not U.S.?” about female heads of state — and the need for one in America. No surprise that powerful Democrats have tapped her to run for a state Senate seat representing South Hills communities, prompting her new WGF role.”
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