WGF's Response to PG's Top 12 Influential 'People'

On Sunday, January 1st, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published its list of “Top 12 Influential People in Business” of 2011. We thought this list had some omissions – specifically, it contained NO women or people of color. Click here to read the letter to the editor that the PG published in response by WGF’s CEO Heather Arnet.
As our first call to action of the new year, WGF asked you, our friends and supporters, to let the P-G editors know what women and/or people of color you would have included on this list, so that they would have lots of good ideas for next time. WGF supporters also posted a ton of fantastic ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages and tell US your thoughts, too!
WGF Women Greening Pittsburgh Honorees
Hey PG, what about one of these influential women?