Intern-views: Tristan Day

Meet the summer interns at the Women and Girls Foundation! We have some amazing women working here this summer – read on to find out more about our marketing intern Tristan Day.
WGF: How did you get involved with the Women and Girls Foundation?
TD: I was searching for marketing internships during my sophomore year. Blayre Holmes passed my resume to Heather and Tara, who interviewed me and offered me this awesome internship.
WGF: Tell us about your educational/social activism/personal background.
TD: I am currently a junior at Howard University in Washington, DC. There, I have worked with our collegiate chapter of the NAACP.  Also over the course of this year, I have taken full advantage of my location in the nation’s capital by actively advocating for impending issues involving racial and gender equality.
WGF: What are you working on for WGF?
TD: I have been working on the marketing for the WGF documentary, Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S. Part of my internship involves giving the film a jumpstart on Gathr, so that people can choose to bring the film to their own city and hold their own screenings.
WGF: What is your favorite part of the job?
TD: My favorite part has been the direct relevancy to my undergraduate major and career path, as well as, the ability to pair gender equality advocacy with marketing.
WGF: What is the most rewarding thing you have worked on in your career so far?
TD: The most rewarding thing has been putting everything together for the film to be available through Gathr. It has been great to first hand be involved in the entire marketing plan of the film; all the way from screening documents to outreach.
WGF: If you could resolve one world issue, what would it be?
TD:  Honestly, I want to accomplish a complete end to racism and gender inequality.
WGF: Do you have any advice for young people who want to make change but don’t know where to start?
TD: Sure, find and join organizations that set out to address issues, you are passionate about, and any and all forms of advocating make a difference.
WGF: What is your favorite food?
TD: Miso Salmon from The Cheesecake Factory