Maggie Graham Hollas Back and More

Maggie Graham headshot
Maggie Graham, sporting a shirt emblazoned with the word “feminist” on a sunny summer day in the East End, has done a lot. Her experiences are expansive: she has worked with numerous non-profits, spent time abroad, co-founded the Pittsburgh chapter of Hollaback!, and has started her own consulting company.
Until about a year ago, when Maggie finally became so frustrated with street harassment that she was driven to action, Pittsburgh did not have a Hollaback! chapter. Also involved in the chapter’s establishment were Alison Winters, Akirah Robinson and Heather Dougherty (all amazing women as well). Hollaback! is a nationwide campaign to end street harassment. Users can share their stories of being harassed in the street, and other readers can click the “I’ve got your back” button to show support. It’s a crowd-sourcing solution to a nationwide problem. Additionally, users can find resources for what to do in a situation where one is being harassed, or if one is a bystander to a situation. The website also links to external resources for dealing with harassment and other situations.
A PR major in college, Maggie once vowed that she would never work in the field, but after time working at East Liberty Development through the PULSE program, she has ended up doing work for non-profits. During this time, she also interned at Propelle, a women-based support group for those starting their own businesses. Working with the female entrepreneurs at Propelle inspired Maggie to forage her own path. Currently, she runs her own consulting company where she focuses on digital communications for non-profits in the Pittsburgh area. Maggie’s current clients include Tree Pittsburgh, Grow Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program.
Though she’s managed to pack so much in already, she’s not done yet. Maggie Graham will be a name to remember in the Pittsburgh area and nationwide. It was so exciting to meet with such an inspiring and driven young woman changing Pittsburgh for the better, and the Women and Girls Foundation can’t wait to see what she does next.
To contact Maggie or to learn more about what she does, visit her website